How to Book a Room

  • Click on the "Book a Room!" button.
  • Select the type of room you want: Classroom, Conference, Study, or All Categories to view all available rooms.
  • You will then see a visual display of all the rooms in that group with their availability shown in red.
  • Use the “Go to Date” button to choose the date you would like to reserve. Click on the room and time on the grid to start your reservation. The system will default to a 2 hour reservation, the max allowed. Use the drop down menu below the grid if you want to reserve a shorter time slot. Click on “Submit Times.”
  • A summary of your reservation will appear, along with Terms & Conditions. Click on “Continue.”
  • Fill out the form and click “Submit” to complete your reservation. Make sure your email is accurate. A typo will lead to a denial due to invalid email. All fields are required.
  • You will receive an email notifying you of your pending reservation. Please allow 24 hours for your reservation to be approved. Reservations submitted on Saturdays and Sundays are approved or denied on Monday morning.
  • To see if a study room is booked for today, click on “View Confirmed Bookings” in the upper right corner of the page. You may also use this to check for future bookings.
  • Reservation sheets are placed outside each room by 8 am each day, Monday - Friday.
  • Rooms are not able to be reserved on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.
  • You will receive an email reminding you of your reservation 2 hours prior to its start.

Room Booking Rules

Please note that there are additional restrictions in place during Opperational Phase II. These are listed in the Terms & Conditions when booking a room.

  • Rooms can only be reserved two weeks in advance.
  • MEB and MSB II rooms must be reserved at least 2 hours in advance.
  • Individuals can reserve rooms for a maximum of 2 hours per day.
  • MEB 2135 may be booked for up to 4 hours. 
  • You must have and use your TTUHSC/TTU email address when submitting your reservation. No other account is required or accepted.
  • IMPORTANT! If you are more than 15 minutes late your ENTIRE booking will be forfeit and your booking may be cancelled to allow other patrons to book the room. 
  • Departments Only: Contact the library if you need a room for longer than two hours or to reserve a future date that is not yet available.

MEB: 915-215-4306
MSB II: 915-215-4681

  • The library is not responsible for items left unattended.
  • Only service animals, trained to perform a specific job or task related to a person's disability, are allowed within study rooms. Emotional support/comfort animals and pets are not allowed.

Today's Hours

24/7 Study Area

A 24/7 study area is available next to the MEB library in room 2105. You must have a current TTUHSC El Paso badge to enter. If the badge does not work, visit the TTUHSC El Paso security department. 

Access to the AEC and MSB II Libraries are available 24/7 with your TTUHSC badge.

Spaces and Room Bookings

Use this tool to book a study space or to reserve a printing time slot.

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